Winslow Marine Law Enforcement Emergency Pac (Valise)

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Winslow Marine Law Enforcement Emergency Pac (Valise)

You’re on scene . . . now what?

The Law Enforcement Emergency Pac™ is the latest life saving system from the WINSLOW® LifeRaft Company, and is specifically designed to be carried on law enforcement helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and in emergency service vehicles.

This is an extremely affordable piece of critical life safety equipment, and is a “must have” item to complete the inventory of every local, state, or federal law enforcement flight department. The issues of “size and weight” are no longer arguments for not having a life raft on board a helicopter or small fixed wing aircraft. This new LEEP™ system is very small and very light.

The remarkable Air-Droppable-Auto-Deployable design capability means that flight crews can now provide critical assistance to others in any water related rescue operation. In the event of a forced water ditching, they provide priceless security and protection to flight crews. And with a LEEP™ much more than helplessly observe – now you can render assistance.

  • Vessel fires, collisions, or sinkings
  • Floods
  • Drownings
  • Bridge jumpers

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Product Description

Law Enforcement Emergency Pac (Valise)

Anywhere people are around or in contact with the water, there exists the significant potential need for this remarkably light and compact life saving unit. Isn’t saving lives what it’s all about?

The actual life raft is an entirely self-contained unit packed within a valise. That valise is then packed into an indestructible, “guaranteed-for-life” Pelican® case. The Pelican® case provides maximum protection to the life raft in even the most abusive environments.

In an emergency, simply remove the LEEP™ from the Pelican® case. You’ll see that you now have two pieces of gear: a life raft ready for immediate deployment . . . and an empty Pelican® case . . . into which you place your weapons, radios, and other equipment for total protection. The cases are waterproof and float.

Air droppable deployment is fast and easy: simply secure the end of the static line, hover between 40 and 50 feet, and slightly upwind of the target, and drop the LEEP™. The static line is 10 feet long, so the LEEP™ will actually begin deploying before it even hits the water. The ballast system fills immediately, and the sea anchor deploys immediately as well. The LEEP™ is designed so that it is “bi- directional/reversible.” No matter how it hits the water and opens, it is always available to board within 10 seconds.

The cases come in “safety yellow,” with “tactical black” available on special order.

The LEEP™ system comes ina 4 person capacity, and provides an additional 50% overload capacity.

WINSLOW® LifeRaft Company is the oldest life raft manufacturer in North America. We have long been a supplier to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, including U.S. Customs Service, the F.B.I., D.E.A., and N.O.A.A., to name just a few. With these new LEEP™ systems, any agency can now have the benefit of having “a WINSLOW® on board.”

And if you ever use the LEEP™ in an emergency, just write a letter attesting to the same, and WINSLOW will refill, repack, and return the LEEPtrade; to you free of charge.

  • 10′ Static Line Deployment
  • CO2/N2 Inflation System w/ Oversized Buoyancy Tubes
  • Reversible/Bidirectional Floor
  • Reversible/Bi-directional Ballast System
  • 3 Rung Boarding Ladder
  • Bowed Boarding Assist Handle
  • Perimeter Lifeline
  • Auto-Deploying Conical Drogue (Sea -Anchor) w/ 20′ Line & Dual Anti-Foul Swivels
  • Light Reflective Segments
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Topping-Up Valve
  • Urethane Valise
  • “Guaranteed for Life” Pelican Case
Winslow Model Rated Capacity Dimension H X W X L Weight
40LEEP 4 18.5″ X 15.25″ X 6.875″ 23 lbs

Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs


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