Winslow Aviation Ultra-Light FA-AV (SA) Type One – Soft Pack

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Winslow Aviation Ultra-Light FA-AV (SA) Type One – Soft Pack


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FAA TSO – C70a, ETSO – 2C70a, CAA BCAR-B4-8 & DGAC QACI-144 Approved

Soft Pack Configuration Option with 406MHz ELT Or without ELT


  •   CO2/N2Inflation System w/ Twin Oversized Buoyancy Tubes
    Three (3) Position (Closed, Sail & Convertible) Light Weight Canopy
    Sure-Seal Closures w/ #10 YKK Heavy Duty Zippering
    Dual Main Zipper w/ Ventilation Tie Backs
    Single Arch, Auto Inflatable, Canopy Support System w/ Stay Erect Arch SupportValve System
    Oversized Front Boarding Entry w/ 4 Rung Boarding Ladder
    Interior Assist Ladder w/ Quick-Release Fittings
    Rear Boarding Door w/ 3 Rung Boarding Ladder
    Four (4) Bowed Boarding Assist Handles
    Combination Foul Weather Observation Port Hole & Water Collection Systemw/ Sure-Seal    Closures
    Single Floor w/ Thermal Protective Space Blankets-One (1) for every Two Persons
    Water Activated Interior/Exterior Survivor Locator Lights
    Quick-Grab Flashlight on Arch
    Auto-Deploying Hemispherical Drogue (Sea-Anchor) w/ 25’Line & DualAnti-Foul Swivels
    75′ Floating Heaving Trailing Line w/ Buoyant Throwing Handle
    35′ Painter Line w/ Quick-Release Fittings
    Heavy Duty EZGrip Righting Line w/ Contrasting Bowed Hand Grips
    Unidirectional Retro/Radar Reflective Segment across Arch
    Unidirectional Retro Reflective Segments under Life Raft & on Canopy
    Pentagonal Ballast System
    1” Exterior Lifelines & Interior Grasp Lines
    Three (3) StoreSafe Light Weight Dry Survival Gear Storage Pockets
    Pressure Relief Valves
    Topping-Up Valves
    UltimaWrap Vacuum Seal (3 yr. protection)

Part 91 & 121 SEP Kit Includes*:
 Manual Inflation Pump – Spring
Loaded Return w/ Adapter
 Raft Knife
 Repair Kit (Includes: Repair Tape,
Repair Clamp (3”) & 2 PRV Plugs
w/ Tether)
 Collapsible Bailer Bucket w/ Handle
 Sponges
 Signal Mirror
 USCG/SOLAS Whistle
 Spare Alkaline Batteries & Spare
Super MityLite Xenon Bulb Assembly
USCG Aerial Meteor Flare
 Rescue Laser Flare Magnum
Food Ration Bars (250 Cal./Person)
 Utility Knife (SS Lockback)
 Retaining Line (75’)
 Survival Manual
 PUR Survivor “06” Watermaker

Part 135 SEP Kit Includes 91/121 Plus*:
 Fishing Kit
Food Ration Bars (1750 Cal./Person)
 Sea-Dye Marker
 Magnetic Compass
 Paddles w/ Retro Reflective Segments
EU-OPS1 SEP Kit Includes 91/121
6 Mil Poly Bags (1/Person)
Food Ration Bars (2000 Cal./Total)
 First Aid Kit [Sun block (30SPF),
Magnifier, Thermal Blanket, 4” Bandage
Compress (4), Sterile Triangular Bandage
(2), 2” Bandage Compress (12), Nitrile
Gloves (1 pair), Antiseptic Towelettes (10),
First Aid/Burn Cream Packets (12), 1” X 3”
Adhesive Strips (16), Adhesive Tape, First
Aid Guide]

EU-OPS1/135 SEP Kit Includes
91/121 & EU-OPS1 Plus*:
Fishing Kit
 Food Ration Bars (1750 Cal./Person)
Sea-Dye Marker
Magnetic Compass
Paddles w/ Retro Reflective
 Triple Frequency Survival (S) Type ELT,
TSO-C126, TSO–142, C/S T.001, JTSO-2C126

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Survival Kit

FAR 91 / 121 Survival Kit, FAR 135 Survival Kit, EU OPS1, EU-OPS1/135

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