Revere Survival Aero Elite 8

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Revere Survival Aero Elite 8

8 Person Aero Elite Liferaft

  • Large, oversized 13-inch diameter tubes
  • Inflatable floor
  • Automatically inflated canopy
  • Retro-reflective strips
  • Heavy-duty boarding ladder
  • Extra-large weighted ballast pockets for stabilization
  • Extensive equipment pack including USCG/SOLAS pyrotechnics
  • Vacuum-packed
  • Self-deployed sea anchor
  • Floating knife attached to raft
  • Floating rescue ring and 75 ft (23m) line
  • Life Raft is Non FAA Approved

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Product Description

8 Person Aero Elite Liferaft

The Aero Elite features one large oversized 13″ tube; vertical bulkheads inside divide the tube into two independent air-holding compartments, so if one compartment is punctured, the other keeps you afloat. Offering a spacious 4-square feet per person, the Aero Elite also includes a heavy-duty boarding ladder for entry assistance. The Aero Elite also features an inflatable floor, automatically inflated canopy, stowage pockets, zippered windows, flashing strobe, four extra-large, 200 lb ballast pockets, an extensive survival equipment pack including USCG/SOLAS flares and much more. The Aero Elite is vacuum-packed to add greater protection against the environment and minimize servicing costs as service is required just once every three years. If serviced according to manufacturer’s specs, the Aero Elite offers a 12-year warranty.

12-Year limited Warranty on All Revere Aero ElitesTM

  • Valid only with:
  • Required 3-Year service intervals
  • Service performed by Revere Supply Inc. – certified service stations
  • Proper installation and use in accordance with Revere Owner’s Manual
  • Warranty registration

Raft Includes:

  • 2 red hand flares (USCG/SOLAS)
  • Bailer
  • Signal mirror
  • Paddles
  • Repair kit
  • Seasick tablets
  • Water-tight flashlight
  • Extra flashlight batteries
  • Whistle
  • Sponge
  • Handpump
  • Owner’s manual

Additional Information

Weight 95 lbs


Color Yellow
Packaging Valise
UPC 812713016991
Depth (in.) / (mm) 12.5 / 318
Width (in.) / (mm) 19 / 483
Length (in.) / (mm) 30 / 762
Weight (lbs.) / (Kg) 56 / 25
Floor (sq.ft) 4
Floor (sq.m/person) 0.372