USCG life rafts are renowned for their uncompromising quality and design sophistication. In addition to meeting the requirements of the International Convention of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) 1983, as amended, the USCG/SOLAS life raft holds United States Coast Guard approvals, meeting the needs of all types of commercial craft. The USCG/SOLAS life raft range consists of two models: standard throw over and davit-launched.

These rafts come in a variety of sizes including 4, 6,8,10,12,16,20 and 25 persons and davit- launched in 12, 16, 20 and 25. These life rafts come with a standard 5-year warranty if serviced yearly.

Every raft is packed in a weatherproof fiberglass container to keep the raft protected for longer service life. The container is secured to a steel deck-mounted stowage cradle with a hydrostatic release, allowing for both manual and automatic launching. A space saving “low-profile” fiberglass container and aluminum, cradle assembly is also available for 4, 6 and 8 person. Features include canopy and boarding ramp for all models.

Solas “A” Equipment Pack:

Paddles (2)
Topping-up Pump
Sea Anchors (2)
Parachute Flares
Smoke Signals
Hand Flares
Repair Kit
Drinking Cup
Thermal Protective Aids
Seasick Tablets
Seasickness Bags
Flashlight (including extra batteries and bulb)
Jack knife
Signal Mirror
First Aid Kit
Fishing Kit
Can Opener