Multi Function Personal Locator Beacons 500-12

The Series 500-12 Personal Locator Beacons are simple, compact, lightweight units which can be used either manually or automatically via ejection seat harness.

Fully compatible with the majority of search and rescue equipment including the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite based survivor location equipment.

The PLB is a one-piece unit with the transmitter housed in a yellow pigmented or NATO green moulded thermoplastic case, which is designed such that the replaceable battery pack can be mounted within the overall package to form a smooth but non-slip hand portable unit.

The design is such that easy replacement of the battery module (15 seconds) is possible during beacon operation. Full speech capability on 121.5 and 243MHz together with an audible tone indicating live beacon transmissions.

The unit is designed to survive for up to ten years with the only maintenance being battery replacement every five years. The antenna (supplied) is capable of being attached directly to the PLB or remote through a cable assembly for operation in a dinghy.