Immersion Survival Suit – larger than 220 pounds 80-1409-J-3

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Immersion Survival Suit – larger than 220 pounds 80-1409-J-3

Since July 2006, regulations for cargo ships and bulk carriers trading outside the parallels 20 degrees north or 20 degrees south have stipulated that one fully approved immersion or abandonment suit must be carried for each crew member. The Crewsaver Immersion Suit allows you to comply with these regulations.

Crewsaver Immersion suits are fully approved to the current SOLAS MED regulations. They are made from 5mm fire retardant neoprene to provide good insulation and resistance to oil, sunlight and seawater. Quick and easy to put on, each is supplied in its own carry bag with donning instructions included. All seams are glued and blind-stitched to ensure they are totally waterproof. Critical areas are taped for additional reinforcement and the foot sole is reinforced.

The face has a neoprene seal and, combined with a mouth and nose mask, it ensures a comfortable and secure body seal. Five fingered integral gloves provide great dexterity and for extra insulation an overglove is stowed in its own sleeve pocket. The suit also features a one-piece durable metal zip, as tested by the military, for dependability. Ankle adjusters add to the secure and comfortable fit. We have also added further safety aids including SOLAS grade retro-reflective tape on head, chest, arms and back; whistle and a buddy line stowed in sleeve pocket. An optional 50mm nylon strop with a stainless steel D-ring can also be fitted.

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Product Description

  • Imperial Immersion Suit 80-1409-J-3 Jumbo Universal USCG/SOLAS with Buddy Line & Harness.
  • Immersion Survival Suit – larger than 220 pounds 80-1409-J-3
  • In production since 1969, the Imperial Immersion Suit is meticulously crafted and pressure-tested upon completion, and is in fact the very first immersion suit available for the maritime market
    • Holds United States Coast Guard (USCG) Approval
    • Holds Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Approval
    • 1-piece, sealed construction made of inherently buoyant 5mm neoprene
    • True to size with dual-zipper pull tabs
    • Wide shoulders and legs for quick donning
    • Three-fingered mitt for increased hand warmth and palm grip studs for improved grasping
    • Equipped with whistle
    • Snug-fitting face seal helps keep water out
    • SOLAS-grade reflective tape provides extra visibility of wearer to rescue team
    • Weighs 14-16 lbs., depending on suit size
    • Dual-zipper pull tabs
    • Comes in sturdy storage bag with two handles for quick retrieval and donning of suit
    • Inflatable high-rider ring for additional freeboard and buoyancy
    • Lifting harness and buddy line
    • Customer suits available upon request
    • Optional personal survival kit pocket
    • Optional PFD light

Additional Information

Weight 14 lbs