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Switlik Flotation Collar

Flotation Collar: FAA Approved Flotation for Lift & Fall Harnesses

The SWITLIK Flotation collar is the perfect way to add FAA-approved flotation to your over-water lifting operations. The Yoke-style Flotation Collar design incorporates lacing flaps and Velcro covers for attachment of the collar. After initial attachment, the collar becomes an extension of the harness for all over-water applications. Likewise, it can be removed from the harness when not required, and be worn alone as a personal life preserver.

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Product Description

Flotation Collar: FAA Approved Flotation for Lift & Fall Harnesses



  • One-size-fits-all: Maximum adjustment capability to fit the largest range of sizes
  • Low profile design for maximum maneuverability
  • Two (2) lacing flaps on back panels of cell cover for attachment to lift and fall harnesses
  • Three (3) harness integration points for secure fit
  • Twin chamber inflatable cell with two (2) oral tubes
  • One attachment buckle in front of cell with adjustable back strap for harness integration
  • Rip away Velcro cover closure for quick access to oral tubes
  • High visibility red beaded handles are found on both sides of the vest with breakaway safety feature to prevent snagging
  • Built in locator light


Weight: 2.06 lbs (.93 kg)
Buoyancy: Over 35 lbs
Inflation System: Two (2) 18g CO2 cylinders
Cover Fabric: Urethane-coated, nylon Cordura (FR)
Cover Color: Navy Blue  
Model: HV-35P


Helicopter operators performing Human External Cargo operations, such as:

The ALL-PAX is a true one-size-fits-all lie preserver, with a size range os 35lbs and above. The stow-able infat/child back strap converts the vest from adult to ahild-size with the ease of one attachement. This vest is perfect for a more secure fit on smaller wearers.

  • High-tension electric line inspection and maintenance
  • Helicopter-aided construction
  • Wind Farm maintenance
  • Search and Rescue
  • Firefighting and Police

FAA Approved Flotation:

The Flotation Collar is FAA TSO-C13d approved, and can integrate with any of the popular commercially available harnesses with over-the-shoulder straps. This eliminates the bulk and interference of putting a life vest on over top of your harness.

FlotationCollar-attachment-detailSecure and Easy Attachment

The Flotation Collar can be easily attached to most manufacturers’ more popular over-the-shoulder lift and fall harnesses. Lacing flaps on the underside of the Flotation Collar are closed around shoulder straps of the harness just above the chest strap, making a secure connection and creating a low profile. The Collar’s back strap feeds through the D-Ring on the back of the harness and attaches to the waist strap, further securing the fit, eliminating interference and reducing bulk.

All_Pax-_Flotation-_beaded_HandleSimple deployment with our new beaded handle

High visibility red handles are found on both sides of the life preserver for quick and simple deployment. They incorporate a breakaway safety feature to prevent snagging.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs