ETSO Constant-Wear Life Vest.

ETSO-2C504 approved vest for use on helicopter operations to and from helidecks located in hostile sea areas. Vest has integrated lifting becket located at the center of the vest with breaking strength in excess of 585 lbs. (2,600 N).  In an emergency situation, the lifting becket (EN396 compliant) allows for the wearer of the ETSO vest to be hoisted without the need for a separate lifting harness.

In addition, the new ETSO vest comes standard with the following features and accessories:

– Detachable hood and spray shield which is packed inside the life vest cover
– Floating buddy line, TSO compliant strobe light and emergency whistle
– Leg loops which are permanently fixed to the vest
– Metal adjusters and heavy duty buckles
– Reflective tape on the hood and cell of the vest
– Reflective back panel and integrated grab handle fixed to the outer cover
– Single cell, 3 layer inflatable bladder design with internal film for buoyancy redundancy
– CO2 inflation system with manual backup
– Lifting becket which is able to withstand a 585 lb. load and meets the requirements of EN396
– Buckle attachments to fit with optional HABD Holster