Eastern Aero Marine Vests – XF-35 Life Vest

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Eastern Aero Marine Vests – XF-35 Life Vest

The XF-35 is the world’s lightest weight twin -cell vest in the aviation market today, only 1.13 lbs. (513 grams). The XF-35 offers significant fuel savings to operators wishing to stay with the added security of a twin-cell vest. 5 year frequency of inspection standard.

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Product Description

XF-35 Life Vest Features:
  • Model XF-35, P/N P01074-101 in lightweight, standard polybag weighs 1.13 lbs. Model XF-35.
  • Basic weight of Model XF-35 without packaging = 1.10 lbs. Typical weight of production units.
  • Cells sewn together at five (5) locations along neck openings. Vests cannot be donned incorrectly.
  • Buckle is white and webbing is black. White buckle highly contra sts both the yellow vest and the waist strap as well as the aircraft cabin interior floors and seating. Male end of buckle is easy to find and fasten.
  • Cell markings are indelibly silkscreened in black ink. Markings cannot rub off, even if washed with detergent.
  • Large high visibility, white tear strip printed with word “Tear” in English, French, Spanish, and German in red letters with red arrows sewn to poly bags used for packaging.
  • Donning instructions and wearer’s weight requirement written in lar ge pictograms and text. Very easy to see in the lowest light conditions.
  • Step 1 of the donning instructions is printed right side up at the eye level so the passenger can read it as he puts on the vest.
  • XF-35 reads “FOR WEARERS WEIGHING 35 LBS. (15.9 KG) AND ABOVE.” Both British (pounds) and metric units (kilograms) given. Statement is easy for any passenger to understand.
  • Standard pack measures 7.0 X 7.0 X 2.0 inches. This measurement results in a volume of 98.0 cubic inches.
  • Inflator is actuated when lanyard is pulled down/and or towards the sides of the vest away from the center. This is a more natural direction. It also allows the vest to be more easily activated by another person in the case where the wearer is a child or is incapacitated.
Part # Whistle Cell Color Packing Type Dimensions Weight
P01074-101 No Yellow Standard Polybag Pack 7″ X 7″ X 2″ 1.13 lbs.

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Weight 5 lbs