These Crewsaver United States Coast Guard / SOLAS Approved Life Rafts are specially hand packed units in a low profile deck canister. Theses rafts are complete units that include a SOLAS “A” Pack or SOLAS “B” Pack, low profile container, deck cradle and an Hydrostatic Release.

These Crewsaver life raft are packed in rugged deck mountable fiberglass containers. Small profile, the Crewsaver life raft container remains secure and resistant to the harsh marine environment. The Crewsaver line of rafts is manufactured using polyurethane coated nylon fabric and is high frequency welded for added consistency and durability. Urethane polymers are renowned for their abrasion and cold cracking resistance and are much less affected by: hydrolysis, ozone attack, fuel and chemical attack compared to other life raft materials.