Survival Products 10-Man TSO w/FAR 135 Kit FAA TSO-C70a, Type I Approved

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Survival Products 10-Man TSO w/FAR 135 Kit FAA TSO-C70a, Type I Approved

10-Man Life Raft FAA TSO-C70a, Type I Approved

Category: Transport
Type: Double Tube Design, Two Separate Chambers
Use: Commercial or General Aviation
Overload Capacity: 15

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Product Description

10-Man TSO w/FAR 135 Kit

Each Basic Life Raft includes:
Buoyancy tube Retaining line
Deck Hand pump
Lífe lines Bailing bucket 
Boarding Handles Sea anchor
CO2 auto-inflation system Valise


  • Double tube design containing two complete separate chambers.
  • Comprised of buoyancy tube, deck, life lines, CO2 automatic inflation system, boarding handles, retaining line, hand pump, bailing bucket, sea anchor, and valise.
  • Includes a stabilizing water ballast system and a water activated locator light as required by the FAA.
  • Lightest weight and most compact – easy to carry, stow away, and maneuver in any emergency situation.
  • Easily deployed by women, children, exhausted pilots, or boaters.
  • Soft-pack valise made of practically indestructible nylon with secure nylon velcro closures.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty FAA approved neoprene coated nylon fabric.
  • Optional highly visible orange canopy to aid in search and rescue operations.
  • Contains aluminum cylinders and valves eliminating corrosion and greatly reducing the weight.
  • High-tech CO2 automatic inflation system, inflates in 10 seconds.
  • Optional survival kits are available to meet individual requirements.
  • 5-year warranty on parts and labor, built to last a lifetime with proper care
Part Number Description Pack Size Weight
RAF1210-105 10-Man TSO w/FAR 135 Kit 7″x14″x19″ 48 lbs.

Additional Information

Weight 51 lbs

Safety Kit Options


Aviation & Marine Survival Kits



The optional survival equipment kit is stowed its own valise (separate from the raft valise). Separate units provide the ultimate in flexibility for raft and survival equipment combinations – ability to purchase basic rafts and survival equipment separately to meet unique requirements. Survival equipment kit and raft valise are attached to each other using velcro and a tie-line. Survival kits are designed and prepared for Non-TSO and FAA/TSO-Approved aviation or marine use. FAR 91, FAR 121, and FAR 135 survival equipment kits are available. All kits are also sold separately.

Kit Comparison

Survival Kit Contents Standard/ FAR 91 Standard Plus/ FAR 121 Deluxe/
FAR 135
canopy w/inflatable mast
equipment container
signal flag
3 signal flares
first aid kit
raft repair kit
sea dye markers
2-cell flashlight w/batteries
signal mirror
food rations
water rations
signal whistle
utility knife
survival manual
magnetic compass
75-foot retaining line
2 paddles
fishing kit
radar reflector