Directions for Shipping Service Work or Rental Returns

Inflatable life rafts are classified as Hazardous Material.

Inflatables International, Inc. recommends the following:

For Shipping Purposes include -
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) & Shipping Label

1.  The newest and easiest way to ship:  Call Freightquote customer service, 800.323.5441 Since Freightquote has connections to all of the Freight Companies, our Rep. will find the most efficient and cheapest way to ship, take care of all of the paperwork, and pick it up from your doorstep!

2.  Or you may call any shipping freight company directly and fill out the paperwork yourself.  Pick a Trucking Freight Company, insure for the full value, and fill out their Bill Lading.

Some of the Trucking Freight Companies to use:  AAA CooperABF FreightBax Global,Benton Global, Best Overnight ExpressR&L CarriersRoadrunner ExpressWatkins TruckingYellow Freight, etc.  For example: Go to the ABF Freight website and click on Bill Of Lading Creation Form (located left of center on their homepage).  Fill out the Bill of Lading E-Form while following their online instructions, and then print it out.

1)  Fill out the Bill of Lading and then print (refer to the MSDS for HazMat Info).
2)  Print out the MSDS (to include with your shipment).
3)  Print out the HazMat Shipping Labels and attach them to top of box.
4)  Fill Service Info Form and put in box with service work.
5)  Call Freight Company for pickup.
6)  Make sure to give BOL and MSDS sheet to them along with package(s) for pickup.

Info to include when filling out BOL (refer to the MSDS):  deflated life raft, weight, dimensions of box, value for insurance, Hazardous Material:  Life-saving appliances, self-inflating, UN2990).  Attach Shipping Labels.

3.  If your a Certified HazMat Shipper you may Call 1-800-GO-FEDEX (800-463-3339).  Ask for Dangerous Goods Hotline or go to website: (Fill out and print Shipper's Declaration of Dangerous Goods Form).  Also, you can call or visit your local Fedex Branch  (Print out HazMat Shipping Labels and attach them to top of box).  Use our MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) as a reference.  Note:  Fedex does not ship Hazardous Material/Dangerous Goods in all areas and if you are not certified to do so.