Welcome to Inflatables International Inc.

Located in South Florida, Inflatables International Inc. has been providing marine and aviation customers with first class sales and service. We offer the finest quality products from top rated manufacturers. Throughout our web site we hope you will find us to be a source for all your needs in the world of Inflatables, Aviation and Marine Safety.

Our Mission

To ensure the enjoyment and safety of our customers by providing marine and aviation safety systems of the highest quality and safety standards.

Our Services

  • Survival Lifevest Overhauls
  • Liferaft Recertification Inspection and Overhauls
  • OEM Authorized Liferaft Recertification Facility
  • Cylinder Hydro-Testing
  • Cylinder Overhauls
  • Survival Suit Inspections
  • EPIRBS Battery Replacement
  • First Aid Kit Inspections